Studying at Decode College provides you with more than just a qualification

– it is your stepping-stone to your ideal career.  

National accreditation

The Australian Skills Quality and Authority recognises Decode meaning our courses have national accreditation through the Australian Qualification Framework. 

Practical training

Our courses and training delivery are designed to prepare our students for real world jobs and real world experiences.  We know what you need.

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Meeting industry trends

Our industry professional teaching staff regularly update our syllabus and training delivery methods to meet new developments and industry trends. 

Holistic services

International students studying at Decode will be supported by our partner organisations offering visa assistance, accommodation services and more.

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Student services


Decode College’s connects students with a range of services including:



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University Pathways


Decode College courses can be your pathway to university.  We have agreed AQF Vocational Qualification arrangements with a top 10 Australian University allowing our students to get their studies credited toward related bachelor degrees.  

So, how does it work? Basically, by studying with Decode College you can cut time from your undergraduate degree at SCU.

For example:


  • With a diploma and an advanced diploma with Decode College, you may be entitled to up-to 2 years credit towards a bachelor’s degree 

  • With a diploma or an advanced diploma with Decode College, you may be entitled to up-to a 1 year credit towards a bachelor’s degree 

  • With a Certificate IV you may be able to gain 48 credit points/ 4 units credit for various bachelor degrees including Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Digital Media and Communications 


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International Students


Life in Australia


Australia is a young, vibrant country with a rich history of multiculturalism. With its second-to-none natural beauty and clean cities, Australia is a pretty great place to call home! Each year, more and more international students are choosing to study in Australia because of the world-renowned education system, social security benefits and ongoing job opportunities.


Decode’s campus is located in Sydney. Sydney is Australia’s largest city with a population of about 4.5 million. Sydney is the capital of New South Wales, located on the central-east coast of Australia. The year long climate in Sydney is temperate and mild. Sydney has world famous beaches and offers you the opportunity to live the quintessential Australian lifestyle. Sydney is Australia’s most expensive city, ranking the 10th most expensive city in the world. This ranking means a high cost of living but also high salaries and great opportunities, after you graduate.  


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Homestay Service (Accommodation Available)

Australian Homestay Network


The Australian Homestay Network (AHN) is a preferred homestay provider for Decode College. Why Choose AHN?

Beginning your adventure with AHN homestay allows students to jump right into their studies without the worries of finding housing, furniture and signing leases all from overseas. AHN hosts will help you to settle in to life in Australia and help you acclimatise to the different cultures, climate and lifestyle you will experience while you study here.


You will settle faster, be safer and learn about life in Australia and the expectations of students much faster. Your AHN host will also help you with a personalised one-on-one orientation including advice about transport, shopping and banking options as well as mentoring, culturalisation and developing a local network.

Our experience is that better-settled international students get better academic results and mix better with domestic students. If you are interested please visit this page for more information;


Overseas Health Cover (OSHC)

International students undertaking formal studies in Australia, and their dependents (for example, spouses and children under 18 years old), must obtain OSHC. It includes cover for visits to the doctor, some hospital treatment, ambulance cover and limited pharmaceuticals (medicines). OSHC insurers can provide a range of different OSHC products. These may range from a basic product which covers only the compulsory minimum services to comprehensive products which cover, in addition to the compulsory minimum services, extra services as specified under the particular policy.


Learn more about OSHC here 

The Department of Home Affairs requires overseas students to maintain OSHC for the duration of time they are in Australia. For further information please visit the Department of Home Affairs website.

International student handbook


Download Decode College’s International Student Handbook here.

Student policies 

Current students have access to Decode College’s policies via Learner App