Decode College

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Welcome to Decode College

Decode College is a Registered Training Organisation based in Sydney, Australia. 

All our qualifications are recognised under the Australian Qualifications Framework. 

At Decode College we educate and train our students for a 21st century career. 

Our dynamic blended training system and courses delivered by industry professional trainers means Decode College students can put their best foot forward in the job market. 

Why study at Decode College?

Decode offers combination face-to-face and structured self-study to give our students flexibility in their schedules.

Competitive fees

Australian Qualification Framework accredited courses, industry professional trainers at competitive prices.


Receive recognition for your previous study and experiences through our recognised prior learning scheme.

University pathways

Our partner university gives you credit and recognition for your Decode College courses towards a number of their degrees.

Message from the CEO

Welcome to Decode College!
Decode College is an Australian college registered with the Australian Skills Quality Authority. All our courses are recognised under the Australian Qualification Framework.  

We educate and train students from all across the world in business and accounting. Our courses and training delivery are designed to prepare our students for real world jobs and real world experiences. 


Our courses are delivered using a combination of face-to-face and self-directed study to allow our students flexibility in their study schedules.

We have a confirmed articulation arrangement with a leading Australian university.  This means for each diploma you complete with us, which we deliver over 12 months, you will obtain 12 months worth of credit toward a related 3 year undergraduate degree with our university partner.  For each advanced diploma you complete with us, which are also delivered over 12 months, you will obtain at least 12 months and in many instances 18 months worth of credit towards a related undergraduate degree!


We regularly update our syllabus and teaching methods to meet new developments and industry trends. Our executive and teaching staff have experience both as educators and industry professionals, meaning students will be obtain current, relevant and  professional education. 

International students studying at Decode College will be supported by our partner organisations offering services such as visa assistance, accommodation services and more.  Our student support services can assist students in pathways to further study and university. 

With our competitive tuition fees and accelerated delivery of courses, enrolling with Decode College means achieving your career goals sooner. 

From the team at Decode College, we welcome you to the next step in your educational and career journey. Please contact us with your questions. We’re here for you!


We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours in study excellence, 


Zmarak Zhouand, CEO

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